A New Portrait of Rain Dove on artnet© Online Auction.

Rain Dove portrait by Elizabeth Waterman. Elizabeth Waterman Fine Arts is pleased to announce the inclusion of her startling new work, “Rain Dove, The Elysium Portraits” in Figure and Form: Classic and Contemporary Nudes, an artnet© online auction.

The subject of this photograph is activist and international modeling sensation Rain Dove, whose remarkable gender-fluidity is rapidly subverting the binary conventions of commercial fashion.  Whether as a man or a woman, or both, or neither, she has become a media icon of postmodern sexual ambiguity. In the past two months her Instagram traffic has skyrocketed 350% to over 34K followers.

With a 35mm Leica and color film, Ms. Waterman has captured an image of depth and energy, with colors that are diffuse, grainy – as if applied with brush-strokes.

The portrait’s impact is like its subject: breathtaking and impossible to classify.

Elizabeth Waterman poses with Rain Dove.

Waterman poses with model in Brooklyn.

Artnet is the world’s preeminent online art auction house, with millions  of site visitors a month and an annual revenue of $20 million+. Ms. Waterman is thrilled to be in the company of such luminaries as Richard Avedon, Robert Mapplethorpe, Diane Arbus, and Annie Leibovitz, all of whose work will be offered in Figure and Form: Classic and Contemporary Nudes.

The auction will be live online from February 2 – 11.

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Ms. Waterman has issued “Rain Dove, The Elysium Portraits” in an edition of 20 archival inkjet pigment prints. 24″ x 32″. Reserve price is $3,000. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to New York City-based art charities.

For more information please visit artnet.com.

The Figure and Form: Classic and Contemporary Nudes online collection can be viewed here.

You can follow Rain Dove on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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